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time-mattersTIME MATTERS

If your website got hacked — don’t wait until it gets blacklisted. You may lose your customers and search engine rankings. There is absolutely no time to wait, you want to act quickly!



The problem with so many website security companies is that you do not need to talk with a real man. In IMAP, our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Your security is our objective. We work hard 24/7 to protect your business and your clients. At IMAP, we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Our website scanning feature is an outstanding solution for all website owners. It was made by our engineers who have several years of experience in website security. Our website scanner intelligently crawls your website and determine all possible ailments and backdoors on your website. Every day we update the database of our website scanner and add new features to keep your site secure.

Here’s the list of malware types which our scanner can detect:

  • MySQL and JavaScript shots (there is a lot of unique attacks on your own site but the hottest form and the easiest is probably MySQL injection. Our scanner will help you detect all possible problems with JavaScript and MySQL)
  • Website Defacements (When hackers break into your site they can alter the look of your website or a webpage. We have set up a feature that can help you prevent any modifications on your site)
  • Hidden iFrames (If a hacker gets access to your website Ftp they generally establish a hidden iFrame. That way they can use your website to get the viruses in your client’s computers)
  • PHP Mailers (Sometimes hackers use your website to send a SPAM mails from the webserver. Our smart scanning module has been made to detect all possible PHP mailing scripts on your website and prevent your website from sending SPAM)
  • Social Engineering Attacks (There are several social engineering methods to obtain access to your website. Our scanning applications will help you to protect your site)
  • Phishing Page Detection (Hackers can place in a phishing page on your website without you knowing it. Sometimes they could use your site )
  • Redirects
  • Website Backdoors (Permit to get full control on server and site )
  • Website Anomalies
  • Drive-by-Downloads
  • IP Cloaking
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • .htaccess (Hack Detection)

The website scanning feature is wholly free and you may use it to get as many websites as you want. But in the event that you would like to try our advanced scanning solution please begin your own account.